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Advanced Motivational Interviewing

May 8, 2019 @ 1:00 PM

Come and join Dr. Jennifer Smith, nationally recognized Motivational Interviewing Network Trainer (MINT) in this high-level Motivational Interviewing course. Participants will attend a four hour intensive didactic training and will conduct two taped MI sessions with Standardized Patients (SPs) (trained actors) and will receive two half hour phone supervision sessions with Dr. Smith who will provide individualized verbal and written feedback.

This course includes a four hour intensive didactic MI training on May 8th and in the following two weeks the clinician is encouraged to utilize MI skills in their practice and to return weekly (Wed May 15th and Wed May 22nd) for a one hour practicum in which they perform MI with a Standardized Patient (trained actor) during a one hour taped session on which they have a half hour phone supervision with Dr. Smith to receive supportive supervision. They also receive written feedback with regard to their use of MI skills in the session.

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